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Welcome Spring With These Bright and Cheery Decor Touches

March 4, 2024

Welcome Spring With These Bright and Cheery Decor TouchesWelcome Spring With These Bright and Cheery Decor Touches” />

Spring is my favorite time of year. The days get longer, flowers start to bloom, and warmth returns. It’s the perfect season to give your home a bright and cheery makeover. Here are some of my favorite tips and ideas to welcome spring inside with style.

Refresh Your Color Palette

One of the easiest ways to usher in spring is to lighten up your home’s color palette.

Say Goodbye to Winter Hues

Start by packing away any dark, wintry hues like navy blue, forest green, burgundy, and brown. Replace them with fresh, airy pastels like mint, pale yellow, soft pink, and robin’s egg blue. These colors instantly make your home feel more cheerful and remind you of budding flowers and pale blue skies.

Bring In Pops of Vibrant Color

In addition to soft pastels, don’t be afraid to incorporate some bold, saturated hues too. Vibrant colors like coral, sunny yellow, and emerald green evoke the bursting energy of spring. Use them sparingly in accent pieces like pillows, vases, and artwork. The contrast will make the colors pop.

Try Two-Tone Color Schemes

Pair a light neutral wall color with a bold accent wall to create a spring-ready color scheme. For example, robin’s egg blue walls with a pop of coral on an accent wall creates an energizing spring vibe. Mint walls with a sunny yellow accent wall is another fresh combo.

Update Your Fabrics

Switching out your fabric accents is another impactful way to welcome spring.

Lighten Up:

Pack up any heavy fabrics like velvet, wool, or leather, and swap in lightweight linens, cottons, and silks. These breezy, natural fibers feel fresh and remind you of warmer weather.

Bring In Florals and Nature Prints:

Nothing says spring quite like floral prints. Swap out your solid pillows and throws for ones with cheerful floral patterns or nature motifs like leaves and vines. Pastel florals feel especially spring-like.

Add Lacy Touches:

Incorporate some light and airy accents like lace curtains or crocheted blankets. The delicate, intricate patterns evoke flowers and give your home a romantic vibe.

Refresh Your Textures

Beyond pattern and color, also update the textures in your home. Here are some ideas:

  • Swap out plush rugs and heavy blankets for lighter woven or jute versions
  • Display pretty glassware and vases – the smooth, transparent glass has an airy, springtime feel
  • Incorporate more natural textures like rattan, wicker, and unfinished wood – these organic materials remind you of being outdoors

Bring the Outdoors In

There’s no better way to embrace spring than by decorating with real plants and flowers.

Display Fresh Florals

Fill your home with fresh-cut blooms in pretty pastel hues and cheerful springtime varieties like tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths. Swap out your floral arrangements every 1-2 weeks for new, seasonal buds.

Add Leafy Houseplants

Oxygenating houseplants instantly liven up any room. Opt for low-maintenance varieties that purify the air like snake plants, philodendrons, and pothos. Place them in bright, sunny spots and watch them flourish this spring.

Open the Windows

Welcome fresh breezes by opening up your windows to circulate the crisp spring air. Display sheer curtains that dance in the wind – it’s an effortless way to connect your decor to nature outside.

Incorporate Natural Materials

In addition to live plants, decorate with natural materials that remind you of spring. Some ideas:

  • Display pretty seashells, polished stones, pinecones, and other objects found in nature in bowls or on shelves
  • Incorporate light wood tones like birch or beech for an organic look
  • Use jute or seagrass for rugs, baskets, and accessories – these natural fibers are breezy and beachy

Spring Clean Your Accessories

The final step is editing your knick-knacks and styling your shelves and surfaces with decorative accents that shout “spring.”

Pack Away Winter Items

First, put away any accessories that scream winter. This means storing snow globes, heavy candlesticks, evergreen wreaths, and other seasonal winter decorations.

Bring Out Spring Knick-Knacks

Next, bring out cheerful spring accessories. Display floral ceramics, perfumed candles, egg-shaped decorations, and any pastel-colored items.

Tell a Cohesive Style Story

As you style shelves, mantels, and side tables, aim for a coordinated look – for example, all robin’s egg blue and white ceramics with pale pink candles and greenery. Repeat colors and patterns to look pulled together.

Final Thoughts

With lighter colors, breezy fabrics, natural textures, and cheerful accents, you can easily give your home a joyful springtime makeover. Embrace the season by decorating with colors and patterns inspired by budding flowers, pale blue skies, and warm sunshine. Which of these bright and cheery decorating ideas are you most excited to try this spring?

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