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Textured Tones: The New Neutrals

March 4, 2024

Textured Tones: The New NeutralsTextured Tones: The New Neutrals” />


The world of fashion and interior design is embracing a new trend – textured tones. These muted, earthy shades add depth and dimension to any space or ensemble. As neutral colors continue to dominate the scene, introducing nuanced textures allows us to put an innovative spin on timeless hues. In this article, I will explore the rise of textured tones as the new neutrals. From examining popular textured paints and textiles to showcasing ways to incorporate them into your home and wardrobe, I aim to provide an in-depth look at this emerging trend. Let’s examine why textured tones are having a moment right now and how you can use them to create stylish, inviting spaces and outfits.

The Appeal of Textured Tones

What makes textured tones so captivating? Here are some of the reasons these subtle, multi-dimensional hues are resonating right now:

Bring Depth and Dimension

  • Unlike flat neutral colors, textured tones have more visual interest due to their nuanced surfaces. The interplay between light and shadow creates almost a 3D effect.

  • This added depth and dimension allows textured tones to make a bigger impact even though they are still neutral, muted shades.

Feel Natural and Organic

  • Many textured tones take inspiration from nature. Earthy hues like stone greys, clay neutrals, and weathered woods feel very organic and soothing.

  • Textures like nubby linen, woven rattan, and rough-hewn wood also evoke natural materials. This helps create a calm, grounded look and feel.

Offer Endless Variety

  • While traditional neutrals like white, beige, and grey can start to feel limiting, textured tones offer nearly unlimited options to customize your look.

  • Between different base colors and unique texture combinations, the possibilities are endless. No two textured tones need to look the same.

Popular Textured Tones

Now that we’ve covered why textured tones are resonating, let’s look at some of the most popular textured neutral shades right now:

Textured Whites

  • Eggshell whites – Slight glossy sheen with a subtle grainy texture
  • Plaster whites – Matte and nubby with a hand-applied look
  • Washed linen whites – Muted and lightly distressed as if from years of wear

Textured Beiges

  • Oatmeal beiges – Warm, organic finish ranging from stucco to wood textures
  • Mushroom beiges – Earthy tones inspired by fungi caps and modeled clay
  • Weathered plaster beiges – Cracked and timeworn with subtle patina

Textured Greys

  • Concrete greys – Cool urban vibe with variegated grey aggregates
  • Charcoal greys – Sooty black-greys with a rubbed leather texture
  • Salt and pepper greys – Flecked and marbled blending dark and light

Incorporating Textured Tones into Interiors

From furniture to accent walls, textured tones open up innovative ways to bring depth into your home. Here are some key ways to work these hues into your interior design:

Textured Paint Finishes

  • On accent walls or trims, textured matte paint creates dimension. Pick between eggshell, sand, metallic, chalk, or clay-inspired finishes.

  • Concrete paint with varied aggregate sizes provides an edgy, weathered warehouse vibe.

  • For a softer look, try ovailable textured plasters like Venetian, limewash, or clay-based plasters.

Textured Furniture

  • Natural linen and nubby cotton upholstery in oatmeal and mushroom beiges add cozy organic texture.

  • Similarly, exposed wood frames and rattan accents complement textured walls.

  • Concrete, jute, and leather furniture accents provide contrasting textures against otherwise soft finishes.

Textured Fabrics and Rugs

  • Textured wool rugs with varied loop pile heights create visual depth underfoot.

  • Curtains in subtly textured fabrics like slub-cotton, wool tweed, or linen add layered light filtering effects.

  • Pillows in contrasting high/low pile velvet or embroidered accents complement textured furniture.

Wearing Textured Tones

Beyond interiors, textured tones also provide a rich, dimensional effect in fashion. Here’s how to incorporate textured neutral hues into your wardrobe:

Textured Knits

  • Sweaters and scarves in oatmeal, heather grey, and mushroom textured yarns add cozy organic texture.

  • Boucle, brushed mohair, and nubby wool knits provide tonal neutral texture for any outfit.

  • Open-weave, cable knits and fuzzy angora or alpaca knits add lightweight texture.

Textured Denim and Linen

  • Stonewashed, acid-washed, and enzyme washed denims incorporate beautiful worn-in textures in greys and blues.

  • Similarly, washed linen pants, shorts, and shirts capture the natural nubby texture of raw linen.

  • For edgier textures, look for ripped details, raw hems, and abrasions.

Textured Leather and Suede

  • Leather jackets with matte, crackled finishes provide a rich textural neutral layer.

  • Suede skirts, shirts, and accessories like bags and shoes add soft nubby texture.

  • Distressed, pebbled, and brushed leathers and suedes take these textured tones to the next level.

Final Thoughts

As this overview shows, textured tones offer an innovative way to bring depth, dimension, and variety to neutral palettes. From cozy organic textures to edgy concrete finishes, the possibilities are endless. As you look to refresh your home and wardrobe, consider incorporating these nuanced, multi-dimensional hues. With proper layering and contrasting, textured tones create environments and outfits that feel distinctly modern yet timeless. Subtly showcasing light, shadow, and natural beauty, textured neutrals provide a soothing yet statement-making neutral palette.

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