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At Pecans Home Decor, we believe your space deserves to flourish with personality and grace. Dive into our portfolio and discover how every corner of your home can radiate comfort and style.

About Pecans Home Decor

Crafting Spaces, Nurturing Memories

From a single spark of creativity, Pecans Home Decor has grown into a beacon of home fashion. Our journey is carved with dedication to bringing elegance and functionality to your doorstep. With over a decade of experience, hundreds of successful projects, and a family of loyal partners, we continue to infuse serenity and beauty into every home.

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Tailored Elegance, Timeless Designs

Discover the array of bespoke services that Pecans Home Decor offers to transform your space into a harmonious haven of style and comfort.

Interior Design

Weaving functionality with chic design to create spaces that reflect your taste and lifestyle.

Office Design

Elevating your workspace with designs that marry efficiency with elegance for a productive and inspiring environment.

Interior Decoration

Curating and arranging exquisite decor elements that bring life and character to every room.

Home Advising

Offering expert guidance to help you make informed decisions about styling, renovating, and enhancing your home.


Pecans Home Decor: Where Visions Come Alive

Take a glimpse into our world of creative transformations, where each project is a testament to our passion for design. Our portfolio showcases a journey of spaces turned into bespoke experiences – from cozy residential retreats to dynamic office environments.

Why Pecans Home Decor

Where Dreams Merge with Reality

At Pecans Home Decor, we’re not just about creating a look, we’re dedicated to creating a feeling. Our commitment is to bring your vision to life with services that speak of value, expertise, and uncompromised quality.

At Pecans Home Decor, our team of experts is the cornerstone of every stunning space we create. With a diverse array of talents and an unwavering passion for design, these are the faces that bring your decor dreams to life.


Meet the Minds Behind the Designs

Mark William

Lead Interior Designer

Leon Johnson

Creative Director

Liam Smith

Senior Project Manager

Your Project Awaits

Craft Your Space with Expert Tools

Every DIY journey begins with the right tools. Partner with Mammoth Hire for high-quality equipment and bring your home interior visions to life with professional-grade precision. Your dream design is just a tool away.

How We Work

From Concept to Creation

At Pecans Home Decor, we take you through a seamless journey of transforming your space. Our process is designed to ensure your vision comes to life with ease and elegance.



We start by listening to your dreams and ideas to form a solid foundation for the design.



Our team crafts a bespoke design plan, tailored to your tastes and functional needs.



We bring the design to life, selecting the perfect pieces and executing the plan with precision.

Pecans Home Decor transformed my apartment from a blank canvas into a cozy retreat. The attention to detail and the personalized touch have made my home a true reflection of my style. I couldn't be happier with the results!

Samantha Jones New Homeowner

The team at Pecans Home Decor was phenomenal throughout our entire home renovation process. Their design expertise and project management skills were top-notch. They turned our vision into a reality, and our home has never looked better!

Michael Clark Renovation Client

I've relied on Pecans Home Decor for multiple projects, and they've outdone themselves every single time. Their creative solutions and commitment to quality are why I will continue to be a loyal customer. They really do make dream homes come true!

Linda Brown Repeat Customer
Insights & Inspirations

Stay Updated with Pecans Home Decor

Dive into our blog for the latest home decor trends, DIY tips, and behind-the-scenes looks into how we create beautiful spaces. Our articles are crafted to inspire your next home project and to give you the insights you need to design your dream home.

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Bringing joy to spaces, Pecans Home Decor crafts each design to elevate your daily living. Connect with us for a touch of elegance, a dash of comfort, and a uniquely your home.

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