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Out With the Old, In With the New! Refresh Your Home for Spring

March 4, 2024

Out With the Old, In With the New! Refresh Your Home for Spring

As the weather warms and spring arrives, it’s the perfect time to refresh your home and give it a new look for the season. Here are some tips for easy updates that can make your home feel bright, cheery and ready for spring.

Clear Out the Clutter

The first step in any seasonal refresh is getting rid of clutter. Go through each room and clear out things you no longer need or want. Donate unused items, have a garage sale or list them online to sell. Recycling and properly disposing of hazardous waste is also important. Once the clutter is cleared out, you’ll have a blank canvas to work with.

Tips for Decluttering

  • Set aside short periods of time each day or week for decluttering. Taking it slowly helps it feel less overwhelming.
  • Go through items one by one and be ruthless about deciding what to keep. If you haven’t used it in over a year, it’s probably safe to donate or toss it.
  • Have designated boxes or bags for items to donate, sell or toss. This keeps everything organized.
  • Don’t forget about digital clutter too! Delete unused apps and computer files you no longer need.

Decluttering frees up space and makes room for the new – it’s an invigorating first step to refreshing your home.

Add Some Color

Incorporating vibrant spring colors is an easy way to give your home a lift. Fresh coats of paint in light, cheerful hues can entirely transform a room. Consider pale pastels like robin’s egg blue, mint green or buttery yellow. You can paint an entire room or just an accent wall. Other simple ways to bring in color include using bright slipcovers, cushions, curtains, area rugs and fresh flowers.

Color Schemes for Spring

  • Soft greens paired with white and natural wood tones
  • Vintage pastels like lilac, lemon and sky blue
  • Cheerful citrus colors like orange, yellow and lime
  • Crisp nautical colors like navy blue, red and white

Adding punches of spring’s trending colors helps breathe new life into your home after a long winter.

Change Up Textiles

An easy refresh is swapping out pillows, throws, bedding and other soft textile elements in your home. Switching to lighter weight bedding and breathable cottons makes sense for spring. Update old, tired cushions and pillows with brighter prints and colors. New curtains in floral, striped or checkered patterns can instantly revitalize a room as well.

Tips for Updating Textiles

  • Shop sales and discount stores for affordable new pillows and throws.
  • Freshen up furniture with slipcovers – opt for crisp cottons or lively patterns.
  • Add lightweight quilts and duvet covers to your bedding for a layered look.
  • Wash or dry clean all blankets, quilts, cushion covers and area rugs to revive colors.

Small updates to your home’s textiles can make a big visual impact. It’s an easy spring refresh!

Rearrange and Reorganize

Shifting around furniture and reorganizing storage areas creates a feeling of change. Experiment with moving larger furniture pieces like sofas, beds, dressers and dining tables to a new spot. Edit and reorganize cabinets, drawers, closets, shelves and other storage areas. Get rid of any remaining clutter while making things neater and more efficient.

Tips for Rearranging

  • Make a floor plan of your room and experiment with new layouts before moving furniture.
  • Change direction of furniture for a new perspective – swap what’s by the door vs. window.
  • Style bookcases and shelves with photos, plants and seasonal decor.
  • Use baskets, dividers and organizers to neatly arrange pantry goods, toys, craft supplies and more.

Breathing new life into your living spaces creates a positive energy in your home.

Incorporate New & Seasonal Decor

Decorating with fresh seasonal accents is a simple and affordable way to welcome spring. Pick up a few new pillows, candles, table runners, planters and artwork with spring motifs and colors. Display greenery like eucalyptus branches, baby’s breath or fresh flowers for texture. Add pops of color with dishes of jelly beans or dyed Easter eggs. Setting a fresh tablescape is another quick way to get a new spring look.

Ideas for Seasonal Decorating

  • Fresh greenery in vases, wreaths, and pots
  • Pretty pastel dishes for dining and displays
  • Vibrant new towels, soap dispensers and appliances in the kitchen
  • Placemats, runners and napkins with spring motifs
  • New candles in fresh scents like citrus, flowers and herbs

The right accents and touches breathes new life into your home for spring. Enjoy this seasonal refresh!

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