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Incorporate Greenery With Hanging Macrame Plant Holders

March 4, 2024
Incorporate Greenery With Hanging Macrame Plant Holders

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Bringing nature indoors is an excellent way to liven up any space. One of the easiest methods is through the use of hanging macrame plant holders. As an avid gardener and decorator, I find macrame to be a simple yet beautiful approach to displaying my leafy friends. In this article, I will discuss the benefits of hanging plants, provide macrame basics, and share my favorite plant pairing ideas to help you incorporate greenery with macrame.

Why Hang Plants?

There are many advantages to suspending plants in macrame hangers rather than keeping them on shelves or tables.

Aesthetic Appeal

Hanging plants add visual interest and a touch of nature to any room. The macrame knotting patterns combined with cascading greenery create a lovely decorative element. Plants hung at various heights provide depth and dimension to indoor spaces.

Space Saving

Utilizing vertical space to hang plants frees up precious real estate on counters, floors, and tabletops. It allows you to grow more plants in less surface area.

Healthier Plants

Suspending plants enables better airflow around leaves and stems, decreasing the risk of pest infestations and fungal diseases. The slight movement from air circulation also strengthens plant stems.


Wall-mounted macrame hangers make plant care easier since you don’t have to move heavy pots around for watering or pruning. Simply slide plants out of their hangers periodically for maintenance.

Macrame Basics

Macrame is a form of textile that uses knots to create patterns. It emerged in the 13th century but became widely popular in the 1970s. The craft remains trendy today for its boho-chic style.


To make plant hangers, you’ll need cotton cord, tape measure, scissors, and a dowel or stick. Opt for cord that is about 1/4-inch thickness. Natural cotton color suits most home decors.

Basic Knots

The knots used depend on the pattern, but here are two common ones:

  • Square knot – Left cord over right then under and through loop. Repeat with right cord over left.

  • Half hitch – Pass cord over dowel then pull end through loop created under dowel.


Some easy macrame plant hanger patterns for beginners are the spiral, net, and vertical line designs. Start with a simple pattern until you get comfortable with the process.

Best Plants for Hanging Macrame Holders

Not all plants do well in hanging containers. Here are some of my favorites that complement macrame beautifully:

Air Plants

Tillandsia species adapt readily to hanging. Their sculptural shapes and minimal care needs make them ideal. Group multiple air plants together in one hanger for a lush look.

Spider Plants

Chlorophytum comosum produces arching leaves on long stems that drape attractively over sides of hangers. Offsets dangling below add interest.


An almost indestructible vine, pothos handles being suspended nicely. Go for variegated varieties like Manjula or Neon for striking colors.


Vining philodendrons like Brasil and Micans do well in hanging pots. Their trailing growth looks spectacular combined with macrame. Heartleaf philodendron is another trailing option.


Boston fern is a staple houseplant that thrives suspended in airy macrame. Other ferns like staghorn and rabbits foot fern also grow well this way.

Go bold and hang a staghorn fern paired with a colorful crocheted hanger. Or keep it simple with a single heartleaf philodendron in a spiral macrame holder. Either way, enjoy bringing nature inside with living works of art.

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