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Clever Storage Solutions to Declutter Your Home

March 4, 2024
Clever Storage Solutions to Declutter Your Home

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Assess Your Storage Needs

When it comes to decluttering your home, the first step is to take stock of your belongings and assess your storage needs. Here are some tips:

  • Walk through each room and make a list of items that need storage. Consider seasonal items like holiday decorations or summer clothes.

  • Evaluate how much space you have available for storage. Take measurements of closets, cabinets, etc.

  • Determine what types of items you need to store. For example, do you need to store toys, documents, craft supplies? This will impact the types of storage solutions you choose.

  • Identify problem areas like cluttered countertops or overstuffed drawers. Focus on finding solutions for these spaces first.

Choose Multi-Functional Furniture

Multi-functional furniture is a savvy way to add storage in style. Here are some clever ideas:

  • Ottomans with lift-top lids allow you to store items inside. Use them as extra seating or footrests when closed.

  • Storage beds have drawers built right into the frame, perfect for keeping spare linens and off-season clothing.

  • Nesting tables slide neatly under each other when not in use. Stack them in an entryway or living room.

  • Bookcases with cabinet doors let you hide clutter behind closed doors. Open shelving works for books and decorative items.

  • A sideboard buffet offers a stylish spot for dishes in the dining room and can store tablecloths and serving pieces too.

Organize with Baskets

Plastic, rattan, or woven baskets are versatile organizers for rooms throughout the house. Here’s how to use them:

  • Sort toys into labeled baskets in a child’s room or play area. Baskets can easily be pulled out and put away.

  • Use fabric-lined baskets in the bathroom to corral toiletries and essentials. They’ll add a decorative touch.

  • Rattan baskets work well for storing craft supplies. Use different sizes to separate items like papers, ribbons, and scissors.

  • Place wicker baskets on open shelving in the kitchen or pantry to neatly store vegetables and fruit.

  • Line closet floors with baskets to store shoes, accessories, or laundry waiting to be put away.

Maximize Closet & Drawer Space

It’s easy to maximize your closet and drawer organization. Follow these tips:

  • Install closet organizers like shelves, racks, and bins customized to your space. This allows you to utilize every inch.

  • Use space-saving hangers – like slim velvet and multi-garment types – to fit more in your closet.

  • Fold and arrange clothes vertically in drawers based on type – shirts together, pants together. This makes items easier to see.

  • Use dividers or trays to separate drawer contents to keep everything tidy.

  • Purge first to weed out clothes and items you don’t need before reorganizing. Less volume makes organization easier.

Creative Under-Bed Storage

The ample space under your bed is ideal real estate for extra storage. Make use of it with these innovative ideas:

  • Plastic underbed bins allow you to simply slide out and access contents. Label bins to stay organized.

  • Install pull-out, roll-out drawer units that extend to reveal storage space when you need it.

  • DIY a wooden storage base for your bed frame with integrated drawers for a built-in look.

  • Use storage bags and baskets that compress contents like off-season bedding and clothes.

  • Add rolling boxes and small chests of drawers for accessible under-bed storage. Items are easy to pull out.

By taking the time to assess your needs and implementing tailored storage solutions, you can effectively declutter while keeping belongings neat, tidy and close at hand. Proper organization reduces everyday frustrations and makes your home feel fresh.

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