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Clever storage solutions for tiny homes

March 4, 2024

Clever storage solutions for tiny homes

I’m always looking for ways to maximize storage in my tiny house. Here are some of the clever solutions I’ve discovered to help make the most of every inch of space:

Utilize vertical space

One of the best things about tiny homes is their height. I try to take advantage of vertical space whenever possible:

Wall-mounted storage

  • Mounting shelves, cabinets, hooks, and other organizers on the walls is a great way to get things up and out of the way. This helps open up floor space.
  • For example, I have a wall-mounted coat rack by my front door and wall-mounted shelves in my kitchen for extra storage.

Loft spaces

  • Many tiny homes have loft spaces above the main living areas. These make for perfect storage spots.
  • I use my loft for storing seasonal items like my winter clothes in vacuum-sealed bags. Things I don’t need regular access to are great for loft storage.

High shelves

  • Placing shelves high up on walls is another way I maximize vertical real estate.
  • I like to store items I use less frequently on high shelves, like my collection of books.

Use multifunctional furniture

Look for furniture that serves more than one purpose:

  • My coffee table has hidden storage inside.
  • My sofa has storage space under the cushions.
  • I have a loft bed with space for my desk and dresser underneath.

This type of furniture is a lifesaver for fitting everything into a small footprint.

Take advantage of “dead” spaces

I try to utilize the awkward, often overlooked spaces in my home:

  • I have baskets under the kitchen sink and bathroom vanity to hold extra toiletries.
  • I mounted a rack to the inside of my front door to hold my keys, sunglasses, and other items.
  • My nightstand has a slim but deep drawer perfect for stashing chargers and tech accessories.

Using these dead spaces more efficiently helps keep clutter at bay.

Carefully organize with containers

Because space is limited, being meticulous about organization is a must in a tiny house. Some helpful tools include:

  • Clear plastic bins to corral like items on shelves
  • Hanging shoe organizers on the back of doors
  • Tiered drawer organizers for utensils and supplies
  • Vacuum-sealed bags to compress off-season clothes and bedding

Proper containers help me pack a lot into a small footprint.

Consider multifunctional furniture

Look for furniture and amenities that can serve multiple purposes:

  • An ottoman that opens up for storage
  • A coffee table with shelves or drawers
  • A loft bed with a desk area built underneath
  • A sofa that converts into a guest bed

This type of furniture helps maximize both storage and function in limited space.

Getting creative with storage is essential for living comfortably in a tiny house. By making the most of vertical space, hidden areas, and multifunctional furniture, I’m able to keep my small home clutter-free. The key is determining your lifestyle and needs, and then finding innovative solutions to accommodate them.

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