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Freshen Up Your Bedroom With Simple Decorating Tricks

March 4, 2024

Freshen Up Your Bedroom With Simple Decorating Tricks

A bedroom should be a relaxing sanctuary where you can retreat at the end of a long day. However, it’s easy for a bedroom to start looking dull and uninspired over time. Don’t worry – with just a few simple updates, you can freshen up my bedroom and turn it into an inviting, stylish space I love.

Refresh With a Coat of Paint

Painting is one of the easiest ways to instantly change the look and feel of a room. If my bedroom walls are looking dingy or I’m just bored of the current color, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders.

Choose a Soothing Color Palette

When picking out paint colors for a bedroom, aim for a tranquil, relaxing palette. Cool tones like soft blues, grays, and greens are great choices that can help promote restful sleep. If I prefer warmer hues, look for muted earth tones like light tans or muted terra cotta oranges. Steer clear of bright, vibrant colors that can feel too stimulating for a bedroom.

Consider Different Paint Finishes

In addition to color, I can also play around with different paint finishes to add visual interest to my walls. A matte or eggshell paint will give walls a nice velvety look and feel. For added depth, go for two different neutral tones on the walls and ceiling. I can also accent one wall with a textured paint finish, like stucco or Venetian plaster.

Upgrade the Headboard

An eye-catching headboard can instantly become the focal point of my bedroom. If my current headboard is falling apart or I’m just plain tired of it, switching it out for a new one is a quick and easy way to give my whole bedroom a new look.

Choose the Right Size

When selecting a new headboard, make sure to take proper measurements of my bed and wall to ensure the headboard is sized appropriately. I’ll want it to fit snugly from edge to edge of the bed without leaving big gaps.

Consider Texture and Shape

From tufted leather to wooden slats to sleek upholstered designs, headboards come in endless shapes, textures, colors and patterns. Choose one that complements my overall bedroom aesthetic – for a serene look, stick to soft, subtle textures like linen or velvet.

Attach Securely

It’s important to securely install my headboard to ensure it stays firmly in place. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. For extra stability, apply construction adhesive between the headboard and bed frame.

Refresh Bedding

Nothing updates a bedroom as quickly as new bedding. Adding a comforter, duvet cover, sheets and shams in new, lush fabrics can make my whole bed feel brand new.

Choose Natural Fabrics

Cotton, linen, silk and other natural fabrics make excellent bedding choices for a relaxing vibe. They feel soft against the skin and keep me cool at night. For added luxury, look for high thread counts.

Mix and Match Colors/Patterns

Have fun mixing and matching – pair solid sheets with a patterned duvet, or layer different pillowcases atop a patterned sham. Contrasting colors and textures will keep things visually interesting.

Consider Lighting Bedding

To create a serene glow, install string lights behind my headboard or along the top edges of the wall. Soft table lamps on the nightstand also provide ambient lighting. Dimmers allow me to control the lighting based on my mood.

Display Inspiring Art

Carefully chosen wall art, prints and photographs can quickly give my bedroom walls a fresh new look while showing off my personal style.

Hang at the Right Height

Hanging artwork too high is a common mistake. For most pieces, a good guideline is to hang art so the center sits at eye level. Make sure framed pieces have proper hooks and anchors.

Choose Pieces That Inspire

Surround myself with pieces that make me happy or help me feel relaxed. Botanical prints, landscape photography and abstract art often work well. Avoid anything too jarring or edgy.

Create a Gallery Wall

Group several small framed prints and photographs together in a cohesive arrangement for a high-impact gallery wall. Incorporate some meaning by including cherished travel photos or family portraits.

Add Greenery

Plants can help purify indoor air while also introducing natural life and freshness into my bedroom. Consider adding a few low-maintenance greenery accents.

Place Plants Strategically

The bamboo palm and peace lily do well in low light, so place them in corners. Succulents look great as nightstand accents. Hang trailing plants like ivy or wandering jew in front of windows.

Add Flower Accents

A vase of fresh-cut flowers on my nightstand is a simple way to add a pop of color and fragrance. Change them weekly to keep the look updated.

Consider Air-Purifying Plants

The snake plant, aloe vera, and English ivy are great air-purifying plants to place around my bedroom. They help filter out harmful pollutants.

With a few simple upgrades like a fresh coat of paint, new bedding, wall art and plants, I can easily give my bedroom a brand new look and feel. The key is sticking to a calm, tranquil vibe that helps promote rest and relaxation. A sanctuary-like bedroom will soon become my favorite room in the house.

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