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The Best Paint Colors to Update Your Home for 2024

March 4, 2024

The Best Paint Colors to Update Your Home for 2024

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about updating the paint colors in my home for 2024. With a new year comes an opportunity to refresh your space and make it feel bright and new again. As an interior designer, I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest paint color trends so I can help my clients choose the perfect hues for their homes. Here’s what I think will be the best paint colors to use in 2024 when you want to give your home a quick and easy facelift.

Warm Neutrals Will Continue to Trend

Neutrals aren’t going anywhere when it comes to home paint colors. But the warm, inviting neutrals that have been popular for the past few years will continue trending into 2024. Warm neutrals like beige, taupe, mushroom, and greige (a mix of gray and beige) make spaces feel cozy and serene. I love using these soothing neutrals on walls and larger surfaces throughout the home. They provide a soothing, zen backdrop that you can layer other fun colors and patterns on top of.

Here are some of my favorite warm neutral paint colors for 2024:

  • Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray – A beautiful warm gray that isn’t too dark.

  • Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige – A nice neutral beige that works in any room.

  • Behr Pale Oak – A light mushroom color that feels subtle but not boring.

  • Valspar Heirloom Beige – A mix between beige and taupe that’s versatile but warm.

I especially love warm neutrals in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining spaces where you want a calm, welcoming atmosphere. They make the perfect base color you can always come home to.

Vibrant Colors Will Make a Comeback

While warm neutrals have reigned supreme for several years, I predict vibrant, saturated colors will start making a comeback in 2024. People are going to be ready to introduce more bold, vibrant hues into their homes. The past few years have been difficult, so bright happy colors provide the perfect antidote. Think rich jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire blue as well as punchy brights like orange, yellow and fuchsia. These lively colors bring energy into a space!

Here are some of my top vivid paint color picks for 2024:

  • Benjamin Moore Mustard Seed – A bold and confident yellow.

  • Sherwin Williams Naval – A striking deep blue-green hue.

  • Behr Orange You Glad – A fun, cheerful orange perfect for an accent wall.

  • Valspar Blossom Burst – An energetic fuchsia pink with personality.

Use these vibrant paint colors strategically on accent walls, front doors, cabinets or other small spaces throughout your home. They instantly inject life into a room!

Nature-Inspired Greens Will Be On Trend

Greenery and nature-inspired colors have been growing in popularity for the past year and I think they will continue trending in 2024. With all the time we’ve spent cooped up inside over the past few years, people are craving a deeper connection to nature. Bringing leafy greens and organic colors into your home is a great way to achieve that.

Some gorgeous nature-inspired green paint colors I love include:

  • Benjamin Moore October Mist – A beautiful soft sage green.

  • Sherwin Williams Rainwashed – A calming, airy light green.

  • Behr Quiet Moments – A restful gray-green that reminds me of a forest path.

  • Valspar Winter Moss – A deep hunter green that envelops you like the forest.

Greens like these are wonderful in bedrooms, bathrooms, libraries or offices – anywhere you want to feel surrounded by the calming ambiance of nature. Pair them with natural textures like wood furniture and accents for a full biophilic design effect.

Soft Pastels Will Be On Trend Too

At the other end of the color spectrum from bold brights, I believe we’ll see the return of soft, sweet pastels in 2024. After years of more saturated, dramatic colors being popular, people will welcome a return to the comforting femininity of pale pastels. Looking at upcoming home décor and fashion color forecasts, I’m seeing the return of pretty paint colors like:

  • Benjamin Moore First Light – A peaceful baby blue.

  • Sherwin Williams Porcelain – A dreamy, ethereal lilac.

  • Behr Secluded Garden – A refreshing mint green.

  • Valspar Lilac Blossoms – A romantic, blushing mauve.

Use pastels like these in bedrooms, powder rooms, nurseries or any other rooms where you want to create a sweet, peaceful ambiance. Their inherent calmness helps spaces feel more zen.

The Bottom Line

If you’re ready to give your home a quick mini-makeover in 2024, paint is the simplest place to start. Fresh coats of on-trend colors like warm neutrals, vibrant brights, nature-inspired greens and soft pastels will leave your home looking pulled together, peaceful and bang up-to-date! Use my recommendations to choose new hues you’ll love living with. And don’t be afraid to get creative with paint – it’s an easy and affordable way to change up your home’s style.

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