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Make the most of your rental with smart decor

March 4, 2024
Make the most of your rental with smart decor

Renting can feel limiting when it comes to decorating, but it doesn’t have to be! With some creative ideas, you can easily make a rental feel like home. Here are some tips for decorating a rental property in a stylish, personalized way:

Choose multi-purpose furniture

Since you don’t know how long you’ll be renting, avoid bulky furniture that will be difficult to move. Opt for pieces that are lightweight, have multiple uses, or can be easily repurposed in a new space. For example:

  • Ottomans can provide extra seating and double as coffee tables or footrests.
  • Nesting tables provide flexible tabletop space.
  • Platform beds with storage are space-savers.
  • Sleeper sofas add seating that converts to a guest bed.

Seek furniture rental services

Instead of buying furniture, consider renting stylish, high-quality pieces from a service like Feather or Fernish. This allows you to get the look you want without a long-term commitment. Rental furniture services often offer month-to-month plans and free delivery, setup, and removals.

Invest in quality mattresses and bedding

Since you spend so much time in bed, splurge on a comfortable mattress and bedding to make your rental bedroom feel luxurious. Mattresses and pillows are items you’ll take with you wherever you move. High-quality sheets and duvet covers also make a big impact.

Use accent walls

Painting a bold accent wall is an easy DIY project that makes a statement without a long-term commitment. Be sure to use a high-quality no-VOC paint in a color you love. Greens, blues and grays are versatile options that appeal to most styles.

Hang wallpaper

Temporary wallpaper is another fun way to customize a rental. Removable options from companies like Tempaper stick to walls and remove cleanly. This allows you to add personality with minimal damage.

Display art creatively

Fill your space with affordable art prints in your favorite colors and subjects. Utilize removable adhesive products like Command strips so you can display art without putting holes in the walls. Floating shelves, over-the-door hangers, and magnetic paint also allow you to creatively show off your style.

Use stylish curtains and blinds

Curtains, drapes and window blinds instantly warm up rental spaces and make them feel homey. Choose solid colors and natural materials like linen or cotton for an elevated look. Blackout curtains also come in handy for privacy and sleep.

Upgrade with thoughtful lighting

From lamps and pendant lights to sconces and strip lighting, well-chosen light fixtures elevate a space. Warm LED bulbs create a cozy atmosphere. Use dimmers, smart bulbs, and plug-in lamps to fully customize your lighting.

Incorporate greenery

Houseplants do wonders for livening up rentals, and many varieties thrive indoors with proper care. Succulents, snake plants, pothos and zz plants are low maintenance options. Fresh cut flowers and potted herbs also add natural beauty without the commitment of a garden.

With a little creativity, you can personalize a rental space and make it feel like home. The key is sticking to versatile, multi-functional decor that reflects your style.

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