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Make Use of the Space Above Doors and Windows

April 23, 2024

Make Use of the Space Above Doors and Windows

Unlocking the Hidden Potential of Vertical Space

Ah, the age-old conundrum – what to do with all that awkward, underutilized space above our doors and windows? It’s a design challenge that’s stumped homeowners and renters alike for… well, pretty much forever. But fear not, my friends, for I’m here to share my hard-won wisdom and uncover the secrets to turning those vertical voids into stunning, functional focal points.

You see, I used to be just like you – staring up at those empty expanses, wondering how on earth I could make them work for me. But then, a lightbulb moment struck (quite literally, in fact – I had just installed some snazzy new recessed lighting up there). I realized that the space above our doors and windows is a veritable goldmine of untapped potential. And let me tell you, once I started tapping into it, my home transformed into a whole new level of interior design heaven.

Shelving and Storage Solutions

Let’s start with the obvious – shelving. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a good shelf? They’re the Swiss Army knives of the decor world, am I right? And when you position them strategically above your doors and windows, they can do some serious heavy lifting (both literally and figuratively) in terms of storage and style.

Think about it – those vertical expanses are just begging to be filled with all your favorite knickknacks, plants, books, and…well, let’s be honest, that junk drawer overflow. And the best part? By using the space above your entryways and fenestrations, you’re keeping all that clutter up and out of the way, freeing up precious real estate on your walls and tabletops.

But shelves aren’t just practical, my friends – they can also be downright gorgeous. I’ve seen homeowners turn those utilitarian storage solutions into works of art, with carefully curated collections, beautiful bookends, and even funky vintage finds. It’s like having your own personal (and highly stylized) museum display, right there in your living room.

And let’s not forget the versatility factor. Shelves come in all shapes, sizes, and materials these days – from sleek, minimalist floating shelves to rustic, farmhouse-inspired wooden slabs. The options are endless, so you can easily find something that fits your unique design aesthetic.

Decorative Accents and Architectural Details

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking, “Okay, shelves are great and all, but what else can I do with all that vertical real estate?” Well, my friends, the possibilities are truly endless.

One of my favorite ways to utilize that space? Decorative accents and architectural details. Think striking wall sconces, elegant mirrors, or even a bold, statement-making piece of artwork. By drawing the eye upward, you can create an instant focal point and add a touch of visual interest to any room.

And let’s not forget about architectural elements – things like crown molding, intricate trim work, or even a beautiful archway. These kinds of details can transform a simple doorway or window into a true design masterpiece. Plus, they have the added benefit of making your space feel more elevated and intentionally designed.

I’ll never forget the time I walked into a friend’s home and was immediately captivated by the gorgeous, oversized mirror they had hanging above their front door. It was a total showstopper, and it instantly made the entryway feel so much more grand and inviting. And the best part? It was a total DIY project that they tackled on a budget. Talk about a game-changer!

Multifunctional and Unexpected Uses

But wait, there’s more! The space above your doors and windows isn’t just for shelves and decorative accents – it can also be a canvas for all sorts of unexpected and multifunctional uses.

Take, for example, the time I turned that empty space into a mini home office. I installed a sleek, floating desk, added a comfy little chair, and voila! Instant productivity zone, without sacrificing an inch of precious floor space. And let me tell you, working from that perch made me feel like a total design genius.

Or what about using it as a plant oasis? I’ve seen homeowners transform those vertical voids into lush, verdant sanctuaries, with cascading vines and trailing foliage spilling down from above. It’s like bringing the outdoors in, but in the most stylish way possible.

And let’s not forget about the potential for hidden storage. I once helped a client turn the space above their laundry room doorway into a custom built-in cabinet – the perfect spot to stash all their cleaning supplies and extra linens. Talk about a game-changer!

The moral of the story? When it comes to the space above your doors and windows, the only limit is your imagination (and maybe the height of your ceilings, but we won’t dwell on that). So why not get creative and start exploring all the amazing ways you can put that vertical real estate to work?

Lighting and Ambiance

But wait, there’s more to this vertical design game than just shelves and decor, my friends. Let’s talk about lighting and ambiance – because trust me, that’s where the real magic happens.

You see, the space above your doors and windows isn’t just a blank canvas for storage and style – it’s also a prime spot to introduce some seriously mood-setting illumination. Think about it – those tall, narrow spaces are the perfect place to install some sleek, recessed lighting or even a show-stopping pendant fixture.

And the best part? Strategically placed lighting can do wonders for setting the tone and creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere in any room. I’ll never forget the time I transformed a client’s entryway by installing a gorgeous, oversized lantern-style pendant above their front door. It instantly made the space feel so much more warm and welcoming, and it was the perfect finishing touch to their entire design scheme.

But it’s not just about the big, bold lighting statements, either. Sometimes, the simplest solutions can make the biggest impact. I’m talking about things like task lighting to highlight your favorite decor pieces, or even some subtle, dimmable sconces to create a little ambiance.

And let’s not forget about the power of natural light. By strategically placing mirrors or reflective surfaces above your windows, you can actually bounce that beautiful sunshine deeper into your space, making the whole room feel brighter and more open.

The bottom line? When it comes to the space above your doors and windows, lighting is key. It’s the perfect way to elevate your design, set the mood, and really make those vertical voids shine (pun totally intended).

Embracing the Unexpected

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Okay, Pecan, you’ve given me all these amazing ideas, but how do I actually execute them?” Well, my friends, that’s where the real fun begins.

You see, the key to making the most of that vertical space is to embrace the unexpected. Forget about traditional design rules and conventions – this is your chance to get a little bit quirky, a little bit bold, and a whole lot of creative.

Take, for example, the time I helped a client transform the space above their pantry door into a miniature art gallery. We hung a collection of their favorite vintage prints and photographs in a playful, asymmetrical arrangement, and the end result was nothing short of jaw-dropping. It was like walking into a chic, curated museum, but in the comfort of their own home.

Or what about the time I turned a cluttered, forgotten nook above a bedroom window into a cozy, personalized reading nook? We built in a custom bench, added some plush pillows and a cozy throw, and voila – instant relaxation station. It was the perfect little hideaway, and it totally transformed the entire vibe of the room.

The moral of the story? When it comes to the space above your doors and windows, the more unexpected, the better. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, experiment with different materials and textures, and really let your unique personality shine through.

After all, isn’t that what design is all about? It’s about creating spaces that are truly reflective of who you are, and that make you feel inspired, energized, and at home. And trust me, when you start tapping into the hidden potential of those vertical voids, the possibilities are truly endless.

So what are you waiting for, my friends? Grab your tool belt, dust off your creativity, and let’s get to work transforming those empty spaces into something truly spectacular. The world (or at least your living room) is your oyster!

Pecan’s Home Decor: Your Partner in Design

Oh, and one more thing before I sign off – if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all these design ideas, or if you just need a little extra guidance, I’ve got your back. Pecan’s Home Decor is here to help!

We’re a team of passionate, experienced interior designers who live and breathe this stuff. From custom shelving and lighting solutions to one-of-a-kind decor pieces, we’ll work closely with you to bring your vision to life and make the most of every nook and cranny in your home.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started on your next big design adventure! Click here to schedule a consultation and let’s make some design magic happen.

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