Taking a look at interior design trends in 2022, the pandemic also affects

We are nearing the end of the year and we welcome 2022. One of the customs of some people at the end of the year is to make renovations to celebrate new beginnings. For you who also want to welcome the new year with a new inner atmosphere, of course, some preparations must be made. Here are some tips for you based on the estimated interior design trends for 2022 in this pandemic!

Circle shape

Many of us have grown rounder and smoother during the pandemic, and now our furniture reflects our shape. The strict lines and design are softened by furniture without corners. The trend is not only in furniture, but also in decorative elements. You will find this trend in coffee tables, vases and chandeliers, and large mirrors. Comfort is the central theme in the living room. The sharp lines are softened by the use of rounded edges on the furniture placed in this room.

Minimalism interior design trends for 2022 even if it still pandemic

Minimalism is recognized as an interior fashion trend of 2022, but it is not exactly minimalist. This trend has more to do with decoration and minimal use of furniture, leaving room for air and free space. The minimalism that is becoming a trend is also related to color. A palette that tends to be soft with beige and gray colors is very relevant in this minimalist trend.

Natural interior design trends for 2022 even if it still pandemic

Spending so much time indoors has shown us how important it is to incorporate the elements from the outside. The textures that will become popular are stone, onyx, marble, granite, and light wood. These materials can be used in both decorative elements and furniture. Do not forget textiles such as linen and cotton, even ceramics will complete the picture of nature in your interiors.

Base color

The 2022 design trend is “natural”, as bright colors distract many people who spend most of their time at home. Warm and cool shades of beige will continue to be popular, as will the entire blue palette. Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Teal is a color that will look great in 2022. This combination of blue, green, and gray can be applied to walls as well as cabinet interiors and exteriors.

Gardening at home will also grow more from this trend

Whether it’s for growing herbs and vegetables or simply filling the perimeter of the You space with potted plants, nature will stand out as trends in the interior design of the home in 2022 that might distract you for a while from pandemic.


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