50 inspiring decor ideas to copy for Christmas

Between trendy colors, star materials and inspirations, discover all the decorative ideas to pick from the Christmas collections of our favorite decoration brands.

While it is obvious that decoration brands redouble their creativity all year round, they go out of their way to ensure a  Christmas decoration that is  as trendy as it is enchanting. For their collections, Maisons du Monde, alinea, IKEA, H&M Home and even Zara Home rely on a myriad of styles all ready to delight our decor during the holidays. Forest atmosphere, traditional atmosphere, glamorous colors, refined materials and good ideas, Christmas 2020 is definitely shaping up to be the best auspices.

Ingenious and traditional collections

This year, the Christmas collections are more than just a testament to our current decorative desires. At IKEA, the range revolves around timeless and authentic pieces that give pride of place to the traditional Scandinavian Christmas : from the famous Christmas tree covered with balls and other traditional figurines, to light garlands and paper wreaths to hang here and there through a beautiful table in dark and deep colors. Maisons du Monde plays with colors and trends, relying on a chromatic palette as wide as it is provided. 

Just like aminea, the collection made in Maisons du Monde offers a tree without a tree , in wood for one and in metal for the other, which are decorated with Christmas balls. Alinéa who dares moreover a Christmas placed under the sign of glamor where velvet and purple hues are nicely put in the spotlight, where branches rolled up in light garlands are suspended above the festive table. Conversely, Zara Home relies on a rather conventional decoration, just spiced with notes of originality.about:blank

Creative and minimalist Christmas collections

Scandinavian brands such as H&M Home, House Doctor or Sostrene Grene give pride of place to a refined minimalism definitely representative of the Nordic style. For a green, almost forest atmosphere, the famous branches of fir and eucalyptus to which winter goes so well and even of pampas grasses, gracefully impose themselves on the fireplaces, on and above the tables. … Christmas socks are modernized at Ferm Living while OYOY offers a new image of the tree base by covering it with a simple, absolutely contemporary wrapping paper. 

In short, collections as trendy as they are ingenious that it is good to consult without delay for inspiration. So discover  50  Christmas decoration ideas to copy without moderation.

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1. Abuse fir branches to decorate the fireplace

2. Place light garlands under a bell

3. Dare the pampas grass for an original Christmas decoration

4. Accentuate the cozy atmosphere of the living room

5. Create original candlesticks with vases

6. Bet on the burgundy white duo

7. Twist the tablecloth with a table runner

8. Reinvent the Advent calendar

9. Opt for a natural table decoration

10. Bet on original decorations

11. Don’t forget to decorate the stairs

12. Overuse candles on the lounge side

13. Pamper your fireplace

14. Dare the mini tree

15. Fall for a forest festival table

16. Abuse red and gold

17. Consider decorating your front door

18. Collect wreaths above the fireplace

19. Bet on bright decorations throughout the house

20. Decorate all the rooms in the house

21. Bet on holly to decorate

22. Even decorate the door handles!

23. Hang Christmas decorations above your festive table


24. Install a stepladder as a Christmas tree

25. Make thick bouquets of eucalyptus

26. Collect eucalyptus branches on the Christmas table

27. Draw your Christmas tree on the wall or on a door

28. Collect Christmas balls in a transparent vase

29. Succumb to the traditional decor for the Christmas tree

30. Decorate your lights with Christmas balls

31. Mix the Christmas decor with your everyday decor

32. Place the Christmas tree in a basket

33. Choose the wine lees, forest green and midnight blue trio

34. Match your tree to your decor

35. Decorate your windows with Christmas accessories

36. Add fir branches everywhere

37. Mix the dishes with 100% natural details

38. Hang Christmas socks over the fireplace

39. Bet on a tree base in gift wrap

40. Fill a basket with pretty Christmas balls

41. Remix the star Christmas colors

42. Choose a metal tree

43. Side table mix fir, eucalyptus and Christmas balls

44. Hang bright paper decorations

45. Dare the minimal decoration for Christmas

46. Dress the fireplace with small Christmas figurines

47. Collect paper Christmas trees

48. Dare to use woven baskets

49. Go for a black and white tree

50. Abuse small lamps for a bright decor

Credit by : Sephora Benazouz

Sephora Benazouz