Furnishing rooms for furniture teenagers: tips & ideas

Finally! At least one room is ready after our renovation on the first floor – the furniture teenagers girls’ room! And ready with furnitures like bed, desk, closet and plants. Only the walls are still a bit empty. That’s not bad at all, because let’s be honest – it is seldom as tidy as in the following pictures in a teenage room. Since various synapses and nerve cells resemble a large construction site during puberty.

Some of you will know this – various socks are sometimes lying next to the bed or an army of bottles is standing around half drunk. Not to mention the mountain of clothes on the rocking chair that actually belongs in the laundry. As parents, you advise them years and at some point the whole thing will certainly bear fruit. That is exactly the reason why a little more minimalism furniture teenagers rooms was important to me when redesigning.

The right furniture teenage girls’ room

When children become teenagers, their room needs change too. Toys and cuddly toys are disappearing, clothing and, for girls, cosmetics are becoming more important. Almost all young people want a bigger bed, especially because this is the place where they can relax and be online in peace. And of course a decent desk with enough space to study. In Ella’s room are:

  • a large bed measuring 1.40 x 2 meters with lots of pillows and a nice bedspread
  • a dressing table with mirror and lighting
  • a small apothecary cabinet for odds and ends such as cables, odds and ends and small treasures
  • a vintage roller shutter cabinet for all school items including folders, notebooks and books
  • an old closet from the great-grandmother
  • a clothes rail
  • a large desk with storage space for notebooks and pens
  • loads of plants

She has had the wardrobe for ages, and the apothecary cabinet has also been part of the room for a long time. All other furniture teenagers has been moved in. Of course, she had the say in the redesign of her room, because it is her room, she spends a large part of her free time and also studying here and should feel comfortable. I only had to do a bit of persuasion when it came to organizing the learning area.

The vintage roller shutter cabinet is narrow, but perfect for all school items and that was very important to me. We looked for such a cabinet for a long time. When studying, it should be tidy and all materials must be readily available and readily available – the new BoConcept desk also ensures this. It is exactly big enough and, in addition to its beautiful design, offers enough storage space for school things, pens, scissors, glue and everything you need for school.

Also applies to furniture teenagers girls- fewer things , please

Before and during the redesign, we sorted out many things and furniture from the previous children’s room and thought carefully about what would be kept, what would be donated and what would be given away. Beloved children’s books have moved to the family library, cuddly toys have first been put in the attic and with the Playmobil we have to think again about what we really want to keep.

These decisions are not always easy, because each time it is a small farewell – from a piece of childhood and cherished memories. But you can’t keep everything and the question helped: what would we take with us if we moved to another country? What is so important that it is worth keeping? Do you need all Conny books? And will they ever be read again?

I think the new room is a dream. Simple but cozy. Minimalist but homely. I would have wished for such a room as a teenager!

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