7 Tips for Choosing Throw Pillows for All Types of Rooms. Aesthetic!

Sometimes, choosing throw pillows is not as simple as we think. There are many aspects to considered from the color to pattern. Don’t ruin your aesthetic room just because you chose the wrong one. Moreover, comfort should also be considered in addition to color. The combination of comfort and aesthetic design is a target that you should try to achieve when decorating a room. Therefore, you shouldn’t be careless in choosing throw pillows at home. Here are some tips that you should pay attention to before choosing throw pillows.

7 Tips for Choosing Throw Pillows

1. Color Selection for Throw Pillows

Color selection for throw pillows is somewhat crucial. Besides make it look good with the couch, you also have to think about whether the color chosen matches the furniture around it. A contrasting color is the right choice if you want to show a festive impression in the room. For a calm and elegant impression, you can choose a matching color. Choosing the right color will provide harmony that makes the room look more aesthetic.

2. Throw Pillows Size Selection

To choose a size, the first thing to consider is the couch’s size . For a large couch, the recommended throw pillows size is 20×20 inch. As for the relatively small sofa size, 14×14 inch is the most fitting size. By choosing the right size, the room will look more balanced.

3. Material selection

If you want a casual look room, choose pillows made from linen. According to Sarah Muir, Australian interior designer, linen also works well with a classic or contemporary style because it will make the room feel more relaxed. Moreover, if you want luxurious or glamorous room, you can choose pillows made from velvet, embroidery, or animal feathers. In addition, another factor that must be considered is comfort. Choose a pillow with a soft texture, not hot, and not easily deflated.

4. Pattern Selection

The interesting thing about throw pillows is the pattern. Usually, people are confused to choose one because of many patterns provided on the store. Choosing a pillow with many patterns will make the room look crowded. This is not something to worry about if you really carry this theme. The key is try to choose a pattern that matches well with the room’s theme to make it not too exaggerated.

5. Decide the Amount

A couch decorated with lots of cushions might look good in terms of appearance. However, in reality the number of pillows you put is not directly proportional to the comfort you get. Therefore, just use sufficient number of pillows. If you still have to move the pillow while sitting on the sofa, that’s a sign you put too many pillows on the sofa.

6. Use the 1 Color 3 Pattern Technique

If you want a set of pillows that only consist of 1 color, then choose 3 patterns that are suitable side by side. The key to this technique is balance. An eye-catching pattern pillow in the center and the corner will balance out a plain couch.

7. Solid Colors as Focal Point

Pillows with bright colors can be used as a focal point to enhance the overall appearance of the couch. As inspiration, you can choose sapphire blue pillows that stand out among the patterned sofa with soft colors.

Choosing a complicated pattern is also intended to avoid the boring atmosphere that is presented with one color pillow. But take it easy, with the help of this article, you will quickly find the best pillow choices that will accompany your sofa at home. Hopefully the tips for choosing sofa cushions above are useful.