How much is it costing? Project Your Dream Kitchen

Nothing spoils more fun than the sticker shock that comes with designing your dream kitchen. Renovations to the kitchen typically go over-budget. The easiest way to remain on budget is by careful preparation. Understanding what the cost of things will allow you to strategize whether to splurge and cut back. Here is a list of the average costs of renovating an existing kitchen to make it the way you dream it. We have expressed the general prices for fine, great and best goods on anything from floors to roofs. We have also sought to provide cost of installation where possible. Note, costs vary greatly depending on what you want and the conditions of the room you are in. No amount of preparation will prepare you for the surprises hiding behind your 100 year old home’s walls, so keep a 15 percent contingency fund in your budget.

Cabinets: $200 to $1,000 + a linear foot

Cabinets with melamine doors: $200 a linear foot
Semi-custom with wood veneered doors: $400 a linear foot
Custom made with hardwood doors: $1,000 + a linear foot (hardware-installed)

Appliances: $10,000 to $30,000 +

Entry level: $10,000
Mid-range: $18,000
High end: $30,000 + (includes refrigerator, stove, vent hood, microwave and dishwasher — fitted)

Countertops: $60 to $150+ a square foot

Laminate: $60 a square foot
Engineered stone and granite: $100 a square foot
Marble and other natural stones: $150+ a square foot
(Installed with sink cut outs)

Plumbing Fixtures: $1,000 to $3,100+

Drop-in stainless steel sink: $600
Undermount stainless steel or porcelain sink: $1,000
Farmhouse or specialty sink: $1,800+
Standard faucet: $400
Faucets with pull-down spray and/or special finishes: $1,000
Restaurant-style faucets: $1,600+
(All installed)

Flooring: $9 to $20+ a square foot

Engineered hardwood: $6 –$16+ per square foot (plus $3 a square foot to install)
Solid hardwood: $13+ per square foot (plus $3 a square foot to install)
Ceramic or porcelain tile $4 – $15+ a square foot (plus $8 a square foot to install)

Lighting: $1,000 to $3,000+

Feature lighting (two or three large pendants): $350 – $1,500+ each
Recessed pots and under cabinet lighting: $60 – $100+ each

Misc. Items: $2,000+

Ceramic or porcelain tile backsplash: $4 – $15+ a square foot (plus $8 a square foot to install)
Decorative shelves: $100 – $400 each
Accessories: $500+

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