Why Everyone Is Wrong Regarding Stylish Bathroom Inspirations

The bathroom is usually not taken into account when decorating, but it is the first room you use in the morning and the last you use in the evening. Whether it’s a quick shower before work or a long shower to relax, our bathroom should be a place of peace and comfort. As we enter the new decade, it’s the perfect time to remodel our bathroom into stylish one and not necessarily install a full three-piece suite. From botanical prints to dark colors, check out our four favorite baths below.

Botanical walls

Botanical prints will be next season’s big novelties. Add to all or select a wallpaper to focus on. Think prints like large flowers and palm leaves, bright and exotic flowers. Add real live plants in brightly colored pots to add more wood.

Brass stylish bathroom

In addition to the brass handle with the faucet, mirror frame or plumbing fixture, it is easy to add decorative metal to your bathroom to become more stylish. Brass is a modern choice for gold and adds a touch of sophistication without being overpowering.

Dark and interesting stylish bathroom

A dark bathroom doesn’t have to be dark. Even black walls or black bathrooms can look very stylish. Mix matte and glossy textures to give you a fresh look, or add brightly colored tiles to eliminate darkness. Adding gold or brass can warm up the room and make dark colors less heavy.

More marble

You can think of marble as a material for tiles or kitchen worktops, but marble print wallpaper can look great in your bathroom (it’s cheaper than real tile). Marbled prints are available in a variety of colors. The range from classic black and white to red, gray or pastel pink.