20+ Details of Dream House Country

The country is one of a house style which is inspired by a rural house. Their characteristics are in natural details that use brick walls, wood floors, fireplaces and so on. Here are seven details of dream house country to enhance the country atmosphere.

1. Wall Section

Most country-style houses use brick walls that are not layered by cement. So the outside of the house is left to look natural without smooth walls as another house style. The key of a country-style house wall is the arrangement of bricks. Make sure the bricks are arranged neatly so the painting results will look beautiful.

2. Wood Fence

Luxury homes usually use high fences full of ornaments. But a simple country-style house does not use that fence. The owner can give a beautiful garden with grass and flower plants. Then make a shorter fence which is only about 1 to 1.5 meters. Use strong wood material to make it safer and more durable.

3. Wood Floor

In addition to fences made of wood, wood floors can also be used as details of the dream house country. Wood floors require more difficult treatments. But the atmosphere in the house will be cooler and aesthetic with a wooden floor.

4. Fireplace

Fireplace use is suitable for homes with 4 seasons. The fireplace must be equipped with a chimney too if the owner wants to use it. However, if you have a country-style house that does not need a heater in the form of a fireplace, this part can still be made even if it is not used.

Place the fireplace in the living room, and hang the television over the fireplace. This will be the focus of the room and enhance the country accent at home. Use brown for a classic impression, and white or gray for a more modern impression.

5. High Roof

One additional feature for the details dream house country style is the use of high roofs. Another function of the high roof of the house is to facilitate air circulation so the air is cooler during the hot season.

6. Use White On the Wall

The rustic impression that emerges from the brick wall might look rather dull. To avoid the dull color of the brick, coat the wall with white paint. It may need several layers of paint to create intense colors.

In addition, white can highlight the modern impression on the house. The color of wood used for floors and some parts of the house such as doors or windows also look more attractive.

7. Yellow Light Bulb

The color of the lights used at home can also be an accent of the house. Use a yellow light bulb to create a warm and comfortable impression in the family. You can also add a cone to cover the light. With cone-shaped lamp fittings, the light will be centered on one point and make the room more comfortable.

Seven details of the dream house country style can be used for ideas when renovating or building a new home. Add some decorations and accessories in the home that are related to the country style to enhance the impression of the countryside in the house.

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